Wheel Alignment in Drumchapel

Is your steering wheel misaligned? Or have you noticed that your vehicle pulls towards one direction or another when the wheel is neutral? If so, it could be time to have your wheel alignment checked out.

Wheel Alignment, or Tracking, is the process of measuring the angles at which your tyres are set and adjusting them to their optimal position. Misaligned wheels will cause accelerated wear to your tyres and can have an impact on the handling and manoeuvrability of your vehicle.

Your wheel alignment can be affected by potholes, poorly maintained roads, kerbs and minor collisions. When the wheels soak up the force of an impact it can throw the alignment out, the result of misaligned wheels can be hard to notice so if you haven’t had your wheels aligned before it could be worthwhile having your tracking checked.

At G15 Tyres and Service we have state of the art equipment that can measure the position of your tyres and provide the data needed to correctly align them.

Wheel Alignment from just £40

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